Thursday, 31 December 2015

Warm, Wet and Windy.

With Christmas well behind us now and daylight hours beginning to lengthen it is time to get back outside and see what we can reasonably do when the weather conditions allow.    Warm, wet and windy sums it up, in that order.  Thankfully we have no fear of being flooded out; we are at the top of a hill, but I do keep a wary eye on the willow trees around the pond.  I keep expecting some of them to give way.  They have not been pollarded for many years and, in fact, I had already arranged for just that to be done early in the New Year.  It will change the view enormously but it really must be done.

Filling the bird feeders is a regular job at this time of year.  I could set my clock by the time the birds feed, which is useful when I want to look out for any newcomers.  House sparrows and many other small birds leave the farmland in winter and go  for garden bird feeders where fat products are particularly valuable.  I provide suet balls, which are less costly than peanuts and do not attract squirrels.  Having said that it is entertaining to watch the squirrels running around in the leafless trees and jumping from branch to branch.

If you are a traditionalist it will soon be time to take down the Christmas decorations; twelfth night; is it January 5th or 6th?  The discussion comes up every year;  perhaps you could give me your opinions   The village has looked particularly attractive this year, with a Christmas tree, kindly donated by parishioners, Suzanne and David Green and surrounded by "pretend" parcels made up by children and villagers.  The Cross Keys also did its bit with a Christmas tree and a splendid pudding adorning the steps.  The Christmas dinner, attended by a number of village ladies was very enjoyable as will be the New Years Eve party, scheduled for tonight.