Thursday, 9 July 2015

A Good Time Was Had By All.

Another week of mixed weather, bright sunshine, dark storm clouds, heavy showers, high winds followed by periods of total calm have all combined to make outdoor tasks more than a little difficult.  Having said that, there is no shortage of occupations to choose from, and I am reminded of the jingle, "whether the weather be cool, or whether the weather be hot, we'll weather the weather, whatever the weather, whether we like it or not".

I have seen several brown hares this week, of varying sizes, indicating that the buzzards are not entirely successful in wiping them out.  Another first for the year was a huge blue dragonfly.  I will go round the ponds and see if there are more.  They are quite a spectacular sight as they hover over the water, reminding one of helicopters on a mission.  A welcome return to the bird feeder was the spotted woodpecker, identified as a juvenile by the red crown.  A closer inspection might have revealed that this was a middle spotted woodpecker as male, female and juvenile all have the red crown but without the black moustache stripe of the greater bird; I shall have to look more carefully.

The good news from the village is that The Cross Keys has reopened.  A large crowd of residents attended the opening night.  Fortunately the weather was pleasant, enabling the crowd to enjoy drinking and chatting outside as well as in the bars, while small children played in the garden and on the sunken trampoline.  It was a very sociable occasion and lovely to see a lively centre to the village again.