Monday, 23 November 2015

Jerusalem - Without the Jam.

Fish and chips was the order of the day (and you can't get more British than that)  on the occasion of the Epperstone Womens Institute birthday party celebrating 95 years in existence.  Entertainment was provided by The Stormy Weather Boys, who had everyone joining in lustily with the choruses of their sea shanties.  The evening raised a welcome £300 for the charity, Maggies, the cancer support unit at Nottingham City Hospital and also, hopefully, attracted a few new members.

The social whirl continues with the Epperstone Ladies Luncheon to be held at the Cross Keys next month; but more of that later.

Rain and strong winds have been the feature of the weather during the past two weeks.  Amazingly, little damage occurred on the farm though some of the willow trees round the pond are looking a bit the worse for wear.  Not for nothing are they called Crack Willow.  They are in desperate need of pollarding; this is something I shall have to look into with some urgency.  The same wind has fetched the last remaining leaves off the trees, conveniently blowing them into heaps and thus making them much easier to collect.  Nevertheless, I shall have to take care that some of the longer lying heaps are not hiding any hibernating mammals such as hedgehogs, of which, I am pleased to say, we have had many sightings during the summer.  There has been a catastrophic decline in the hedgehog population, estimated at 1.5 million in 1995 and now reduced to probably under a million.  If you want to know more about these creatures the website is full of interesting information and well worth a read.

Writing as a tourist, I found myself in Plymouth recently and was delighted to find that there is an excellently presented exhibition centred on the Pilgrim Fathers  Their origens, of course, are centred on the village of Scrooby, in North Nottinghamshire so the exhibition made a good follow-up to what we already have in the county. If you want to brush up on the history of these brave people you can find much detail on then make it the object of a day out.