Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Mostly local

After a relatively dry March wet and windy seemed to be the order of the day.  Pear blossom in bud littered the ground and a hawthorn tree fell victim to the high wind.  The water level in the pond is quite high, but the water temperature needs to rise a little before we find frog and toad spawn.  The same goes for Herbie, the hedgehog, hibernating (you’ve guessed it) in the herb garden.  I hope he is not tempted out too soon but I really want to know if he has survived the winter.

Judging by the noise in the evening the owl population is thriving.  I follow the sound and look for them but, like the pantomime character, it is always a case of “he’s behind you”, and I have not yet spotted one.  A family member has been more fortunate, though, and regularly sees a barn owl.  I shall have to be more enterprising and vary the evening dog-walk in the hope of seeing it too.

Bourne Wood, on the edge of Epperstone Playing Field is looking good after a tidy-up by members of the Woodborough Scout group.  Some of the dead trees have been replaced by new plantings,
an area has been extended to include a group of willows and bat boxes and nest boxes have been put up. Bourne Wood was originally planted to celebrate the Millenium in the year 2000 and was composed of trees to represent each child in the village.  It also includes trees planted in memory of village residents and special events.

I have just seen the results of the Farmland Bird Count published last week.  Nine hundred and fifty people took part and one hundred and twenty seven species were recorded.  An increased number  of species was spotted including several on the red (i.e. endangered species) list. 

Closer to home: Harry, the self-propelled lawnmower, has gone out on loan, due to the impending absence of his owner.  He will be much missed but as he  will now have a field companion he will be happy.